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Hallmark Dream

There have been few things in the last 20 years that have given me the feeling of pure joy. My wedding, the lives of my sweet boys, being with my parents and sisters. It has been a bumpy 20 years to say the least.

Have you ever dreamt of doing something but the amount of overwhelming doubt flooded your mind and heart so much that you don’t take the next step?

Do you feel guilty for dreaming of something different? Or more? Or joy? In most stories, there are essential parts.

Characters. Plot. Setting. Conflict. Resolution. Morals. Symbolism. Perspective.

The scariest thing to me is to live my life without ALL the parts of a complete story. To skate through life without conflict, without perspective. God has given us the ability to write our own stories, so my hope is that you’ll take the chance. Be alert, be present, live your dream. Maybe your plot is boring, and it gives you joy. Maybe your plot is scary and full of pain. We all have the ability to rewrite it.

At 40 years old, I am making some moves and changing the setting of my story and it is joy-filled💙

One of my dear friends said to me this week, “you’re living a Hallmark dream, girl!”

If you don’t watch the Hallmark movies, you may not understand...but, she’s right.

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